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New!  Natural D-Hist 120 Caps
Natural D-Hist 120 Caps

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Natural D-Hist is the first formula to successfully combine powerful, fast-acting ingredients into a natural product for seasonal support. For years patients have found that there is simply no substitute for Natural D-Hist, the most effective product available for seasonal discomfort.

Natural D-Hist is the ideal solution for many of the 40 million Americans who experience seasonal discomfort each year. Formulated for maximum effectiveness, Natural D-Hist utilizes carefully selected dosages of targeted natural components to provide optimal support for nasal and sinus passageways.

Nasal and sinus support for the height of the growing season.
   Won’t cause drowsiness!
   No Side-Effects!
Enjoy the outdoors once again!

120 Capsules

Why These Natural Ingredients?

Naturally found in onions, quercetin is a mast cell stabilizer and a powerful natural flavonoid. Quercetin has been shown to inhibit certain compounds that typically affect sinus and respiratory health.

Stinging Nettles Leaf
Studies have shown stinging nettles have demonstrated both promising mechanisms and clinical results for supporting nasal passageway health. While further study is needed, trials have shown stinging nettles demonstrated measurable differences vs. placebo after only one week.

A strong pineapple enzyme, bromelain has proven mucolytic properties. As such, bromelain supports normal mucousal tissue function and enhances the absorption of quercetin.

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC)
An amino acid that is a natural mucolytic, NAC reduces the viscosity of mucus. Studies have shown individuals have been treated effectively without side effects when given NAC.

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