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Wear the same aroma that Dr. Toni Bark wears in the evening when she wants to entice her man.
While the aromas in this blend have masculine notes, anyone will love wearing it. This is perfect for the man (or men) in your life who enjoy wearing an intoxicating aroma but want to do away with the toxic effects of synthetic fragrance and chemical fixatives. Aquatica is a homage to the exotic islands of Indonesia, and features oud oils from no less than 5 different islands.

This blend is as earthy as it is oceanic and strikes a chord in the same place as true, sensual musk.

The opening is bright and fresh, with notes of tropical and citrus fruits wafted by a soft oceanic breeze. Ambergris and salty Sumatran oud evoke images of shell-scattered beaches and seaweeds swaying under clear waters.

A healthy dose of guaiacwood pronounces the sweet earthiness of the ambergris note and the Sumatran oud seemlessly unites the oceanic notes with the floral ouds from Maluku and Nusa islands, and the crisp woody ouds from Borneo and Papua islands.
Precious rose embellishes the composition and a touch of frankincense gives the blend a zing.
Aquatica has been designed to unfold the oud notes slowly, so even if you're new to oud, you will not find the fragrance a challenge in the least. Opoponax, citrus fruits and florals mask the bold opening note of the ouds. After the opening notes have subdued, the heart notes of Borneo oud take the spotlight, before the scent dries down to the scent of sweet ambergris and crisp woods.

Breezy, citrusy, oceanic - Aquatica is the perfect mukhallat for those warmer days when you want to take a break from heavier and spicier scents, yet cannot do without your daily dose of oud.

Smear some on and transport yourself to the exotic beaches of the Indonesian archipelago.
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