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Skin And Chocolate
Luscious, Clean and Effective Skin Care and other items to maintain a youthful glowing body

Toni Bark started Skin And Chocolate in order to showcase some of her lusciously delicious skincare,chocolate,perfumes and microfiber cloths. And, since she was blogging about health and beauty, she wanted to share some of her secrets for wondrously glowing skin. Toni Bark chose the name Skin and Chocolate because cocoa butter is the base in the healthy raw chocolate bars as well as many of the skin care items. The best Chocolates and the prettiest skin are both often described as smooth and creamy. While Toni believes health and beauty is more about how one feels as opposed to how one looks, it feels great to look good. Glowing skin is as much about nutrition as it is about skin care. As we age, skin can become dull from enlargement of pores, delayed collagen turnover and loss of oils. Toni Bark hand picked all the items showcased on this site and promise they are environmentally clean, animal cruelty free, safe to use and impart some healthful benefit. Toni Bark started the first organic interior design and build store in the Chicago area in 2003, it was called Plan It Green. She moved her medical practice into the store and began research for the cleanest and most effective skincare, intoxicating natural perfumes as well as healthiest chocolates and teas. While running a store with such a vast array of products proved to be too much for her, she sold her store and retained these items in her medical practice while dropping the paints, beds and building materials. We hope you find her favorite picks to be as sensual and satisfying as we do.