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Fir-ever Young- parfum full strength
Fir-ever Young- parfum full strength

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Wear the same fragrance Dr. Toni Bark wears when she wants to feel earthy, grounded and fabulous! Find yourself in a sun-dappled forest of majestic emerald towers with this earthy scent for men and women that combines the redolent richness of the deep woods with the mouth-watering, raspberry-jam juiciness of fir absolute. Never sharp or astringent, real conifer absolutes and essential oils have a sweet warmth that Fir-ever Young fans have described as delectable, luscious, passionate, expansive, and even spiritual. A great option for those of you who want something other than a floral perfume. This is also a great choice for the man (men) in your life. I find I want to drink in this aroma, like a top shelf cognac and just bathe myself in its notes. A whole forest of Douglas fir, silver fir, grand fir, blue spruce, juniper, and more are joined by green and fruity florals, juicy citruses and black currants, with frankincense and agarwood for just a hint of smoke. Fir-ever Young is planted firmly in a base of pineapple sage, fir, lavender, rose, agarwood, and frankincense house-infused alcohols. This option is the 6 oz full strength perfume
  • Fir-ever Young is a limited edition – a serendipitous perfume I couldn’t possibly recreate. I have been working on it for the last ten years, adding bits and pieces of this and that. There is nearly every kind of tree in it, so to speak, and these elements will never again combine in quite the same way.
  • Here’s why: Natural essences have their own terroir. Terroir is a French word used in winemaking to describe the influences the land has on the taste of grapes; in natural perfumery terroir refers to the fact that all natural elements have a “somewhereness” that you can detect in their scent. The environmental conditions that existed a decade ago when Fir-ever Young’s essences were harvested and created will likely never occur again, and it is those conditions that influence the scent as it exists today.
  • 5 ml $45

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